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Application for YoyoXcamy Empty Application for YoyoXcamy

Post by YoyoboyRo on Mon Jan 23, 2012 12:55 pm

Hey guys, first let me salute you trough the forum - finaly Smile

Why do you want to join Exodus?
A: Recruit atm, i joined invited by a polite guildmember that told me i will find here what i am lookin for: a guild to call my own that will help me improve and where i will contribue with my talents and skills, to pvp but mostru to raid - because this is why i play this game - never raid-ed b4 in any other mmos ( Hero Online, Cabal Europe, Lineage II )
What will be the name of the character you are applying on?
yoyoXcamy 50 Sith Sorc - DPS build -
What is your Time Zone?
gmt+2 Bucharest
What can Exodus do for you as a guild, and help you do in Star Wars: The Old Republic?
I want to raid. pvp we can do any time you like but i want to raid. i think i have good gear but the desire to slay high lvl epic bosses ...i can hardly wait...
Do you use Ventrilo? (We expect all members to use vent atleast to listen)
I can use anything u like, as long as i have server and pass : ts3, skype, yahoo, even Ventrilo ( never used it yet but i'm a fast learner - and i have headset also )
Give us an Estimate of your usual gaming hours and how often will you play?
i play like this (gmt+2) from 8 am to 10am ( then i have to go 2 work - lawyer - but i finish amazingly fast so like 12-13 p.m. from 16.00 i'm online again - then my wife fk** lvling her stupid jedy on red eclipse, then after 21 pm to - as long as required i'm also on. and weekdays - from 9 am - to 03 am Smile also here. do i play too much, i wonder Smile)
Were you referred to Exodus by an Exodus member, if so who?
im not very good at remembering names - but thanks anyway to the one that recuited us ) me and Mira'zu
If you are part of a group application, list the members your application.
Mira'zu - lvl 50 Sith Sorc like me
Any extra important/application relevent details?
yeah, actually...if you dont make us wife ( the jedy ) will hunt you down Smile) ^^ Exodus FTW

p.s. Mira'zu 's post...shortly...


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Application for YoyoXcamy Empty Re: Application for YoyoXcamy

Post by Admin on Mon Jan 23, 2012 1:15 pm

message me in game asap, i am ggthx


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