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Raminus Application

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Raminus Application Empty Raminus Application

Post by Raminus Thu Mar 29, 2012 3:49 pm

Why do you want to join Exodus?
Participation in our guild has steadily dropped off in the past few weeks and I still love this game. I enjoy playing the end game content with competent people, and guess what, from my experience, your guild is very competent. And Juggernaughty and his poo circle puppy are hilarious!

What will be the name of the character you are applying on?

What is your Time Zone?
Mountain Time

What can Exodus do for you as a guild, and help you do in Star Wars: The Old Republic?
Provide a constructive atmosphere to tackle new content and kick a whole lotta ass in PVP.

Do you use Ventrilo? (We expect all members to use vent at least to listen)
Yes, I have a mic and headset as well

Give us an Estimate of your usual gaming hours and how often will you play?
I'm typically on nightly. My main hours of play are probably 9PM-midnight EST. I prefer raiding on the weekends as I work a 9 to 5 M-F, but exceptions can be made with relative ease.

Were you referred to Exodus by an Exodus member, if so who?
I've raided with Juggernaughty several times, and I've seen a lot of your members PVPing

If you are part of a group application, list the members your application.
Rogesh and Midgers

Any extra important/application relevant details?
I know my class and I've had a lot of MMO experience including the much beloved classic, SWG! I raided a lot in wow through WOTLK. I enjoy the social side of MMOs and am always willing to lend a hand if needed. I started out as arsenal but then switched to bodyguard (cause lets face it, BH healing is awesome!), so I have a full set of columi with a splash of rakata for both dps and heals.


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