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Arkenstep Application

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Arkenstep Application Empty Arkenstep Application

Post by Arkenstep Sun May 27, 2012 10:14 pm

Why do you want to join Exodus?
I'd like to join Exodus to be part of a competitive raiding and PVP guild.

What will be the name of the character you are applying on?

What is your Time Zone?

What can Exodus do for you as a guild, and help you do in Star Wars: The Old Republic?
At the end of the day just to enjoy the game and have fun with other members.

Do you use Ventrilo? (We expect all members to use vent atleast to listen)
Yes, I also have my own mumble server if ever needed.

Give us an Estimate of your usual gaming hours and how often will you play?
I typically play 2-4 hours on weeknights and random hours during weekends. 14-21 hours a week. I'm pretty flexible and can most likely make most raids when and if I'm needed.

Were you referred to Exodus by an Exodus member, if so who?
No, however I've played with many in bz's.

If you are part of a group application, list the members your application.

Any extra important/application relevent details?
I have some solid experince playing mmo's within active PVP and raiding guilds. before coming to SWTOR with RL friends I played WoW for a number of years and was an AGM for a large active raiding guild where I played as one of the main tanks. I ran numerous successful raids and battleground groups. I'm a pretty laid back but dedicated player. I'm also pretty competitve when it comes to PVP and bz's.

Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you guys.



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